We’re HoneyVeda, and we don’t produce honey

Hi, we’re so happy to meet you! First, we want to get the introductions right. The honey bees produce honey, we don’t. At HoneyVeda, we only collect raw, natural honey and pack it carefully. Of course, we are experts at helping bees collect honey, but we don’t process it or add anything to it. Because we want you to buy pure honey only.


How a random weekend visit to a farm changed everything



Life was going great for Hardik when he was working for TCS. One weekend, while visiting a small village, he was introduced to pure honey and beekeeping. Taste, texture, benefits,...everything about honey and honey bees fascinated him. The hardworking bees and the sweet, nutritious honey slowly began occupying more space in his heart. Soon, he was talking to people about honey and reading up on it for more information …


To experience beekeeping firsthand, Hardik set up his first apiary in January 2016. He was delighted because he immediately found that harvesting honey let him be close to what loved: agriculture. It was meant to be a fun side project that would give him the opportunity to learn new things - and of course, help people discover and enjoy pure honey. But it was more than what he had imagined…


Hardik began to get more involved in the world of beekeeping and honey. He began to realize what tremendous impact bees could have on farm productivity. For example, he found that he could help farmers increase their farm yield simply by simply placing the bee boxes in their farms! So he started spending his weekends and holidays traveling and meeting farmers and helping them discover the advantages of beekeeping.


Anyone who knew Hardik knew they could rely on him every time they wanted to buy raw, unpasteurized honey. But he only had a few colonies, so he always ran out of honey. He was amazed at how he could help both farmers and honey-lovers if he could devote all his time and resources to beekeeping. Finally, he quit TCS in 2019 to bootstrap a venture he was passionate about. And HoneyVeda was born.

The founder’s story

Hardik, with an MBA acumen, dissects business processes adeptly. A curious soul, he thrives on learning. Proficient in relationship-building. A travel enthusiast, covering 10k kms monthly is routine. Immersed in Javed Akhtar and Gulzar's artistry through Rekhta.org.

As a weekend pursuit, Hardik initiated his first apiary in January 2016. Honey harvesting resonated with his passion for agriculture. Delving deeper into beekeeping, he recognized its significant impact on farm productivity. Placing bee boxes improved yields, motivating him to assist farmers in adopting beekeeping.

This journey led to the inception of HoneyVeda, a venture born from his determination to provide pure honey online, catering to those like him seeking quality and authenticity.
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