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100% pure, no additives
No heating to cut corners
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Honey Bees Connect Pollen & Nectar


Nectar is stored in the cells of the
honeycomb, which becomes honey


And there you are! Honey harvested
directly from the honeycomb


Highlight Icon Strong Taste & Aroma
Honey Veda Ajwain Raw Honey from Rs. 288.00 Rs. 342.00
Those who loves strong taste & aroma.
  • Strong taste & aroma. Acquired by few.
  • Loved by Shark Vineeta.
Add vigour to your morning jog with this honey as it gives a boost of energy and reduces the risk of heart-related problems. Anti-fungal in nature and full of anti-oxidents, this honey proves to be a great skin cleanser. A spoon of Ajwain Honey will help you with your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. This naturally ripened honey has been harvested without any harmful processing, thus retains all the benefits associated with Ajwain. This naturally extracted honey has a uniquely strong taste. It is naturally dark brown in colour. Its exquisite aroma can tingle your taste-buds like nothing else.
Highlight Icon Best Seller
Honey Veda Himalayan Forest Raw Honey from Rs. 333.00 Rs. 379.00
Full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals
  • Full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals
  • Recommended to medicinal use-case.
Himalayan Forest honey comes from the nectar of wild forest flowers. These wildflowers grow naturally, without human interference. That's why this honey has a unique nutritional value and unique taste. Lovers of forest honey say that whenever they eat this honey, they can almost see a beautiful forest right in front of their eyes! Tall green trees, with sunlight filtering in like a dream... The beauty of nature at its best! Enjoy this 100% raw, natural, pure, and unprocessed honey with sweets, breakfast, or just with water!" This honey may Crystallize over a period and it is completely natural.
Highlight Icon Yummiest Honey
HoneyVeda Fennel Raw Honey from Rs. 288.00 Rs. 342.00
Mild honey. Taste near to traditional honey.
  • Relief in acidity. Helps in weight loss.
  • Easy to adapt for new to raw honey.
Fennel Honey is made by honeybees from the nectar of Fennel flowers. The Fennel plant usually grows next to other types of plants. As such pure fennel honey is obtained with great efforts. HoneyVeda’s naturally ripened Fennel Honey retains all the medicinal and therapeutic benefits associated with Fennel seeds such as; It is characterized by a golden to reddish colour and emanates a pleasant fragrance. Our Fennel Honey has an energizing fresh taste and aroma. We’ve known Fennel as a highly aromatic and flavourful herb that we consume after meals, but before seeds, the fennel bears beautiful yellow flowers full of nectar which attract honey bees. Mono floral fennel honey is usually fragrant with a taste of caramel and is widely enjoyed. This honey has sourced from the fields of Zalawad district of Gujarat.
Highlight Icon Least Natural Sugar
HoneyVeda Jamun Raw Honey from Rs. 342.00 Rs. 379.00
Those who loves least sweetness & strong taste
  • Anti-diabetic properties.
  • Lower glycemic index, aids in digestion
Sourced from the idyllic orchards near the border area between UP and Uttarakhand, our Jamun Honey encapsulates the region's best-kept secret. This rich honey, harvested from the blossoms of Kasganj's abundant Jamun trees, offers a taste of the area's unique biodiversity. Pure, unprocessed, and brimming with natural goodness, our Jamun Honey not only tantalizes your taste buds but also supports local communities. Experience Kasganj's sweetness in a jar – a true embodiment of nature's bounty. Jamun honey has its unique sweet-bitter taste and rustic flavor. Its aroma and aftertaste are distinct. Essentially, those who are looking for less sweet honey have found the right type. Just like the Jamun fruit, Jamun raw honey has anti-diabetic properties, making it suitable for diabetic patients in small quantities, with a doctor’s advice. Jamun honey is abundant in antioxidants and antimicrobial properties , has a lower glycemic index, aids in digestion and can help soothe stomach discomfort and Regular consumption of Jamun honey can enhance the body's immune system.

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