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Fennel Honey is made by honeybees from the nectar of Fennel flowers. The Fennel plant usually grows next to other types of plants. As such pure fennel honey is obtained with great efforts. HoneyVeda’s naturally ripened Fennel Honey retains all the medicinal and therapeutic benefits associated with Fennel seeds such as;

  • Preventing and curing acidity
  • Helps in heartburn and gas conditions
  • Helps in bloating and loss of appetite
  • Fighting respiratory infections
  • Boosting metabolism and immunity
  • Reducing inflammation

It is characterized by a golden to reddish colour and emanates a pleasant fragrance. Our Fennel Honey has an energizing fresh taste and aroma.

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Product Description

We’ve known Fennel as a highly aromatic and flavourful herb that we consume after meals, but before seeds, the fennel bears beautiful yellow flowers full of nectar which attract honey bees. Fennel Honey is the sweetest honey variety provided by us. Mono floral fennel honey is usually fragrant with a taste of caramel and is widely enjoyed. This honey has sourced from the fields of Zalawad district of Gujarat.

Additional information

Net Weight

, ,

Nutrition Values

Nutrition Values per 100g (approx)

Energy – 328kcal
Carbohydrate – 81g
Natural Sugar – 81g
Total Fat – 0g
Protein – 0g

Other Information

  • Crystallization of raw honey is a natural process. It can be consumed ‘As Is’ or can be re-liquified by placing the container in warm water.
  • This honey may contain 2-5% traces of nectar from surrounding flowers.
  • Infants under 12 months cannot digest raw honey.
  • Do not refrigerate. Store at room temperature (away from sunlight).
  • Best before 18 months from packaging.
  • FSSAI Lic : 10021021000615, Food Categorization Code : 11.5

12 reviews for FENNEL HONEY

  1. mehta sagar

    I have seen many brands of raw honey so i was impressed by the excellent quality of Honey. I also did my home tests for checking the quality of the honey and found it VERY GOOD. Definitely i would recommend it to anyone who want to lead a healthy natural life. Best product Pure and Natural HoneyVeda

  2. yash vekaria

    Excellent product. Must buy

  3. deepak batra

    We all loved the product. It was just not about the taste alone, but also it’s positive effect to the health. Also the shelf life was excellent. A must buy for all

  4. Kanika

    Very nice natural honey with a distinct fragrance.I tried with lemonade and fruit toast, I am sure it would go well with all recipes.Packaging was lovely and secure.Would love to try other flavours of it.

  5. Madhav Shukla


  6. prashant kansara

    An excellent and tasty product…..have compared with other honey makes……found it exceptional very good.

  7. Hemangi Bhatt

    Pure and Natural Fennel honey tests great and its 100% pure. i loved it. had in food.EXCELLENT

  8. Yash Bhatt

    Interesting product. I was searching for honey that is good and have vital qualities. Plus it has a flavour which is irresistible. I loved the HoneyVeda Fennel Honey. I like the particular after taste of it. 100% recommending you all. Do try. You’ll fall in love with it!

  9. dhruv soni

    Tried few raw honey in the past but wasn’t satisfied in terms of quality as per my grandmother. This time it passed all tests as she tells a natural honey should not test so much sweet, should be thicker than usual ones and should take time when dissolving in water. Satisfied and looking forward for same next time.

  10. alpa kothari

    Overall the product was good, but I feel like the taste could be more intense/prominent.

  11. DIsha Makhijani

    A great product for regular usage. I have been using it for 2 weeks now. Very natural and effective for weight loss. Finally found the right one. Excited to try more floras.

  12. K H Joshi

    this is my second purchase after mustard honey. found this to be good in taste and texture. its good for those who would like to be less experimental this fits them. great sugar substitute and goes well with my regular nimbu pani and green tea/kadha.

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