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Coriander Honey is made using the nectar from Coriander flowers. Coriander is a common plant but its nectar is highly dependent on weather conditions and so it is very rare to find.

HoneyVeda’s naturally ripened Coriander Honey retains all the medicinal and therapeutic benefits associated with Coriander. Such as;

  • Acts as a natural blood purifier
  • Helps in digestion
  • Detoxifying your body and organs
  • Reducing weight
  • Balancing the blood pressure
  • Maintaining healthy eyes and good vision
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Product Description

The unique Coriander Honey has a classic golden amber colour and mild aroma with a lingering after taste. It is harvested from the lands of Asiatic Lions. We know that all the parts of coriander are edible and immensely tasty and so is its honey.

Additional information

Net Weight

, ,

Nutrition Values

Nutrition Values per 100g (approx)

Energy – 317kcal
Carbohydrate – 81g
Natural Sugar – 81g
Total Fat – 0g
Protein – 0g

Other Information

  • Crystallization of raw honey is a natural process. It can be consumed ‘As Is’ or can be re-liquified by placing the container in warm water.
  • This honey may contain 2-5% traces of nectar from surrounding flowers.
  • Infants under 12 months cannot digest raw honey.
  • Do not refrigerate. Store at room temperature (away from sunlight).
  • Best before 18 months from packaging.
  • FSSAI Lic : 10021021000615, Food Categorization Code : 11.5

7 reviews for CORIANDER HONEY

  1. Anshika Vijh

    Started using this honey from last few days. There are 2 things that i loved most about it. One, being the aroma and the second is its taste. A honey from coriander flowers is a big hit for me, tried various other honey it has really helped me boost my health. Loving it totally.

  2. kashyap modha

    superb product

  3. pande rahul

    Produce this product more and reach as many people you can.

  4. naaz

    Good and natural taste

  5. prisha navani

    I enjoyed all these floras. It is very natural and we have recommendations others too.

  6. Rumi

    Taste: Very unique, mild and delightful taste. We can enjoy with different foods too! The packaging is very good which avoids breaking of the product.Loved it!

  7. shivangi malani

    amazing taste

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