Raw honey is honey that is not processed, heated, filtered or otherwise altered. Raw honey is as unique as its floral source.

You can’t make honey as you make or manufacture, say, noodles or chocolates. It is a natural food and only bees produce honey from the nectar of flowers. Honey is stored by bees in honeycomb, a structure especially made by bees. Once the honey is ‘ready’ for collection, it is emptied into containers. Bees don’t have to be killed or harmed to get this honey.

Honey was found in Egyptian pyramids, and except for the darkening of its color, it was in near-perfect condition for consumption! It is perhaps the only natural food with practically no expiry date.

Store your honey at room temperature. Even after opening the jar, it’s best not to refrigerate the honey. And always keep it away from direct sunlight.

Our honey is 100% pure wild, raw and natural as we don’t mix anything and is procured on-site. It’s also tested and verified by the food certifying authorities before labelling and packaging.

Our honey can be consumed for more than 4 years. However, it is best to consume before 4 years. As our honey is raw and we do not process it, it can taste slightly different after a year or so. It may get crystallized in colder weathers but that;s  perfectly alright as its benefits do not change at all.

We pack our honey jars in the best possible way with a plenty of shock-absorbing packaging material to avoid any damage to the jars or leakage while shipping.

Naturally ripened honey does not spoil – ever. It does not need refrigeration either. Just take good care not to drop food particles into the honey. Raw honey does crystalize. That is perfectly natural and does not mean the honey is bad.

Honey is composed primarily of carbohydrates from natural sugar and doesn’t contain fat or cholesterol.

Any way you enjoy it! Yes, you can eat it the way you like – there’s no fixed method. You can have a spoonful or two every day, add it as an ingredient in a recipe that uses honey, mix it with tasty drinks or even use it in some yummy snacks!

Artificially manufactured foods, like noodles or tortilla chips, will look and taste the same batch after batch, month after month. That doesn’t happen in natural foods. Consider apples: no two apples taste exactly the same, nor look exactly the same.

Honey experts often point out that honey being a natural food will never be consistent in colour or taste. Bees collect nectar at various times of the year and from various crops. So naturally, while the fundamental benefits remain absolutely the same, the looks and colour of honey will not be the same round the year. As a matter of fact, if your supermarket honey jar has the same taste and colour irrespective of when you buy it, you should consider getting it tested in a laboratory!

HoneyVeda does not buy honey from anywhere. We have our own beehives set up on various farms. Our trained teams carefully manage them to ensure you get the best honey possible.

There are many domestic tests methods people propose. However, none of them is reliable. The only way to find out whether you’ve bought pure honey is to get it tested at an authorized laboratory.

That’s evidence it’s pure honey! Only pure honey can crystallize. Processed honey mostly contains anti-granulation material; such honey is not pure and will not crystallize.

That said, don’t forget all pure honey doesn’t crystallize. That’s because crystallization depends on various factors like storage temperature, the composition of honey and so on. So if your honey has crystallized, fine. If it doesn’t, but you’ve bought it from a reliable supplier like HoneyVeda, it’s still pure.

Rest assured, we have designed the packaging very carefully. We take great care in ensuring you receive your jar of HoneyVeda honey without any damage or leakage. After all, we want you to enjoy your honey and leave all the worrying to us!


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